MacUnity Friendship Treaty

Who we are

Development of MacUnity Friendship Treaty Reconciliation Plan (2016-18)

Our Vision: to build strong and respectful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, organisations, service providers and the broader community in order to delivery coordinated services that improve the well being of all our community members.

Our Reconciliation Plan: Our Plan will guide the activities of MacUnity over the next three years in order to achieve the goals of our Friendship Treaty and support and enable effective communication of our goals and achievements to our membership and our current and prospective partners. 

Our members will implement these strategies and actions in a way that aligns with our principles and our commitment to support members and member organisations. 

The Plan will be a living document that will evolve as more opportunities arise to deliver on the goals of MacUnity and to respond to the needs of the community.

For further information and a full copy of the MacUnity Friendship Treaty - Click Here

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