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Services provided by Sector Connect



Sector Development: Resources, develops diverse connections and programs/models of service delivery to achieve better outcomes for individuals and communities across the regions. Examples include the Youth Sector Model Development Project and the Aboriginal Capacity Building Project.


Networks & service system development: Sector Connect facilitates interagencies, networks and forums to encourage collaborative work practices, exchange of knowledge and ideas and discuss and identify gaps and issues for the region. Examples include Macarthur Youth Services Network, Managers Network, MacUnity and geographically based interagencies.


Advocacy: We work to ensure the needs and issues of Campbelltown, Camden, Wollondilly and Wingecarribee are heard at regional, state and federal level. We represent our members at state peak forums, regional government forums and federal and state government. Our strong relationships with media and contributions to government enquiries/submissions allow further opportunities for targeted advocacy.


Information dissemination point for the region: An extensive contact base, interagencies and other networks make Sector Connect the 'gateway' for disseminating ideas and information relating to the community sector across our region and beyond.


Training: Sector Connect provides professional development for workers at an affordable price on a range of subjects to meet the sector's requirements. We are committed to strengthening and equipping our sector by providing quality training and skills development opportunities and the development of stronger service systems to encourage collaborative work practices.


Volunteering Macarthur A comprehensive interview process to best link people interested in volunteering and organisations seeking volunteers. Volunteering Macarthur also offers support, training, advice and standards for volunteering, partnerships and a strategic approach to volunteering.


Families NSW: Facilitates the on-going development of family and children services (0 - 8 years) through regular interagency meetings, training, agency exchange days, workshops and collaborative strategic approaches to service provision.


Macarthur Access Group for Inclusive Communities ( MAGIC) The work of Magic is underpinned by the rights of all people to access and be included in a community that respects and accepts difference.


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