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About us

The Macarthur Access Group for inclusive Communities ( MAGIC) Project commenced in response to consultations with people with a disability and their families who identified challengers accessing services, businesses and the broader community.

MAGIC project membership includes non government organistations, State and local government and families within the Macarthur community. Sector Connect is funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, ageing Disability and Home Care to manage the MAGIC Project.


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For more information about the Macarthur Access Group for Inclusive Communities ( MAGIC):

Sector Connect

Phone: 02 4648 5933




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Community Gardens event 2017

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 zest nomination award

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international day of disability day 2016

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Disability Awareness Training 2017 test

Disability Awareness Training 2017 

Disability Awareness Training 2

Disability Awareness Training 2017

Disability Awareness Training 3

Disability Awareness Training 2017

Disability Awareness Training 4

 Western Sydney University OT Students

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Western Sydney University OT Students

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