Eligible clients are able to access up to 12 free counselling sessions plus group work in a calendar year under You in Mind and Star4Kids funding that has replaced the ATAPS scheme. The SWSPHN has a leaflet that outlines all the mental health programs on offer.


Attached is a flier giving specific information re the counselling and groups available for Aboriginal people under You In Mind in Wingecarribee and Wollondilly.


To access the free 12 sessions, people need to see a GP for a mental health plan which is then sent, with the referral form, to PHN for allocation. However, sometimes people may want to meet the counsellor before seeing their GP. It is possible for PHN approved referrers to make a referral which enables a client to have several sessions before getting the Mental Health plan under this Aboriginal specific funding. Clients must see the GP before they can access the full number of sessions.  


For your information, The You in Mind funding for Wollondilly and Wingecarribee Shires was split between Connection Emotion Reflection consortium for Aboriginal adults and Community Links Wollondilly consortium for CALD, card holders and regionally isolated adults. At Full Potential is the consortium that received funding for all children 3-12 yrs under Star4Kids. 


I am involved in all 3 consortia which makes it possible for me to work with whole families but there are other counsellors available as well and I think it is important that people have choice about who to see. Please feel free to contact me especially with regard Aboriginal clients who may wish to access this program.