It's International Day of Older Persons 


Today is International Day of Older Persons, an initiative started by the United Nations that brings attention to the needs faced by many older people around the world. With over 16% of our state's population* and 1 in 7 Australian's aged over 65**, it is important we all know how to look out for our senior citizens.

Since July 1, the Ageing and Disability Commission (ADC) has received 826 reports about older people and adults with disability who are believed to be subject to, or at risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation; or are in situations where abuse, neglect or exploitation will likely happen. 81% of these reports have related to older people. 

We are equally aware that adults with disability are also at risk of abuse and neglect, and we will continue to raise awareness about these issues for both older people and adults with disability. By working together, we can better protect our more vulnerable community members.




Downloadable flyers



We have a range of downloadable flyers available that explain how the ADC can help you get information, or raise concerns of older people and adults with disability at risk of, or subject to abuse, neglect and exploitation. 

What is abuse and neglect? 

It can be hard to spot signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect toward older people and adults with disability. These fact sheets can help you better understand what to look out for.