IMPORTANT - Quality Framework Reporting (QFR)


1. Third Party Verification (TPV) against the NSW Disability Services Standards (NSW DSS) 

Please note that service providers who achieved TPV against the NSW DSS in the 2012-2015 ADHC funding period must also achieve TPV once during the term of the current ADHC funding period, 2015-2018 in accordance with the Quality Policy for ADHC funded providers.

Additionally, achievement of TPV against the NSW DSS is a requirement of service providers seeking NDIA registration to offer similar supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


ADHC funded service providers who have or will transition in full to the NDIS are still required to achieve TPV and continue to report their progress through the QFR.

The NSW Transitional Quality Assurance and Safeguards Working Arrangements require ADHC funded service providers to continue to comply with the terms of their Funding Agreement throughout the transition period (even if ADHC funding ceases in whole or part during the Funding Agreement term) including all relevant legislation, ADHC operational policies and guidelines.

ADHC will provide a status report on ADHC funded providers' TPV compliance to the NDIA following the formal Quality Framework Reporting periods.  

It is important that you commence the TPV process as soon as possible, as it may take some time to work through any gaps identified to achieve compliance with the NSW Disability Services Standards (NSW DSS).  Providers who delay commencement of TPV (including required lead time to adequately prepare) cannot be guaranteed that their preferred TPV verifier will be available to conduct the verification.

2.Service provider mergers

Service providers undertaking mergers with other service providers should wait until those mergers are complete before (undertaking) TPV. Service providers should contact their District Contract Managers regarding their intentions and status of the merger.

To find out more about service provider QFR requirements, please email the ADHC Quality Team at: