Hi all,


Homelessness NSW has been contacted by a number of members regarding inconsistent communication from FACS regarding SHS Program 2016/17 unspent funds.  We understand that some organisations have been informed that there is no process for proposing to retain unspent funds and that all the funding is to be provided to FACS, whilst others have been informed that, as per FACS’ policy, organisations can use the submission process to submit proposals as to how they would use the unspent funds.


I am currently following this up with FACS.  I have requested that they:


  1. Clarify FACS’ position regarding 2016/17 SHS Program unspent funds; and
  2. If the position is that funds are to be returned without opportunity to make a submission for organisational use of these funds, provide a rationale as to why this is occurring in the SHS Program but not across other FACS Program areas.


I have also requested that FACS communicate clearly on this matter so that organisations can plan and respond appropriately.


FACS also announced the second stage of their restructure yesterday.  This includes the disbandment of the Homelessness Unit in central office.  Homelessness will now be spread across the Housing and Homelessness Directorate in the areas of Strategy, Design, Implementation and Performance.  This will be in place by the end of the year.


FYI and happy to discuss – particularly regarding the underspend – please let me know if you have received any different advice or inconsistent advice.


Katherine McKernan

CEO | Homelessness NSW

Phone 02 8354 7605| Mob 0425 288 446