2017 has ended in a show of sector strength with the publishing of our Civil Voices initiative. We were thrilled to partner with the Human Rights Law Centre and produce this research - with your involvement - which showed our sector "self-silences" when it comes to advocacy. Advocacy is sure to be a big issue for the sector in 2018.

Every year brings its challenges and 2017 brought many - on a global, local and hyperlocal level. It was a rollercoaster year.

My wish for all of you is that the many challenges that came your way in 2017 be translated into learnings, realisations and, hopefully, wisdom that takes you into 2018 with new and refreshed eyes. Bring on 2018!

Best wishes to all of you over the break. Stay safe, hug the ones you love and find your joy - in the mountains, your backyard, the beach, wherever it is that you feel it..

Karen Mahlab AM
Pro Bono Australia founder and CEO