You are invited to our next exhibition, Cultivate – inspired by nature

Opening at 11am Sunday 10th June.





A select group of Australian artists craft their unique responses to our natural environment


“Cultivate” is our new exhibition in which 10 artists working across the mediums of jewellery, metalwork, ceramics, basketry and textiles were invited to create work that reflects or responds to the natural world around us, resulting in an exhibition blending organic material, clay and metal to create nature in a gallery.


Participating artists; Mollie Bosworth (ceramics), Sophie Carnell (metalwork, tableware), Sue Codee (papercuts), Helen Earl (ceramics, wire), Cathy Franzi (ceramics), Beth Hatton (woven forms), Cara Johnson (organic jewellery), Simon Lownsborough (jewellery),  Leanne Marshall (jewellery), Julie Ryder (hand printed textiles).


The exhibition will be opened at 11am on Sunday 10 June by special guest Dr Shelley James, Manager Collections, National Herbarium of NSW and runs from 10 June to 29 July.