Strategic Plan 2014-19

Sector Connect - Strategic Plan 2014-19

  1. 1.       Increased capacity for the Not for Profit Sector
  • Not for profits have strong organisational governance and policy foundations
  • Build collaboration to sustain viability of small not for profit organisations

By 2019 Sector Connect will have:

  • developed the Governance and Policy Framework (including engagement strategy)
  • developed and implemented the Learning and Development Plan
  • built  three or more collaboratives

By 2019 not for profit organisations will take some lead in future sustainability


  1. 2.       Collaborative sector planning established and used
  • Macarthur and Wingecarribee will have a more collaborative approach to sector planning activities and data sharing

By 2019:

  • there will be less duplication of planning efforts in the region
  • sector cross-agency planning, that is evidence informed, will be in place and happening


  1. 3.       Strategic advocacy framework and process established and used
  • The sector will be better able to influence issues of regional and local significance

By 2019 Sector Connect will have:

  • designed and implemented the Strategic Advocacy Framework
  • Access to and influence with key decision makers in government and beyond the sector

By 2019 service networks in region will themselves engage in action on advocacy initiatives


  1. 4.       Not for profit sector well informed and engaged in major emerging issues and needs
  • The region will be better informed and engaged on issues and needs that impact on their service provision

By 2019 Sector Connect will achieve:

  • services report being informed and engaged in timely manner with emerging issues and needs that impact their organisation
  • participants in events reporting subsequent positive changes or impact in their agency


  1. 5.       Social enterprise development
  • Not for profits will have a better understanding of social enterprise
  • Not for profits will view social enterprise as an effective way to deliver services and / or support the community

By 2019 Sector Connect will have:

  • delivered five learning and development initiatives on social enterprise in the sector
  • developed three Aboriginal social enterprise ventures (Muru Nanga Mai)


  1. 6.       Sector Connect viability
  • Sector Connect will continue to be financially viable

By 2019 Sector Connect will have:

  • all positions funded
  • reduced reliance on direct government funding - by 10% of operating costs
  • positive staff retention and satisfaction
  • new corporate sponsorship secured for Muru Nanga Mai
  • core business current positions being full-time equivalent

Strategic Plan Progress Review

We will review and report on our progress on achieving the above priorities every 3 months

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