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Acknowledgement to Country

We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this country. I would like to take this moment to say thank you to the Dharawal people for the thousands of years of care and respect they have shown to this country and pay my respects to their cultures and traditions. We would also like to thank the Dharawal people for allowing us to work in this country, to continue working towards improving the profile of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to educate the wider community regarding the value and integrity of Aboriginal culture and ways of knowing. We would like to pay our respect to the Elders past and present, with special respect to our future elders the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.  We would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal brothers and sisters present that continue to work and lay the foundation of a strong, proud Aboriginal race and I extend that greeting to the non-Aboriginal brothers and sisters.

May you always feel the warmth of the flame,

May you always see the beauty of the earth,

May you always hear the laughter of children,

May you always taste the sweetest fruit and

May you always smell the scent of the flowers.

                                     Josh dance kangaroo

“…the answers, while complex, are now known. And that means… governments, and all of us involved, have no excuses left for failure.”
Hon. Fred Chaney AO, Reconciliation Australia Board Member 

Whether you are in the business sector, government or the broader community, the ingredients for working effectively with Indigenous Australians is the same.


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