2016 Successful ClubGrants Recipients

2016 Funded Projects


Western Suburbs Leagues Club

Beautiful Minds $5000


Schizophrenia Association $3000

Split System Air Conditioning

Due to recent renovations to Harmony House the original existing ducted air conditioning unit is not able to provide the required levels of heating and cooling to sustain a comfortable productive working environment for our members and visitors. The addition of a split system air conditioning unit in our main area will assist us with achieving this. Note Harmony House is part of Schizophrenia Fellowship NSW Inc Recovery Services
Contact:  Mr Christopher Manny
(02) 4620 8888 (Office) 

Supported Playgroup Early Intervention in Claymore $3860

TAD Disability $2000

Supporting Locals with Disabilities

TAD Disability Services (TAD) changes the lives of people living with a disability by providing personalised equipment, technology and services. 

TAD provides custom equipment such as modified cots, supportive seating and standing frames to enable people with disabilities to live more independently. TAD’s Freedom Wheels bikes enable children with disabilities to ride a bike for the first time.

The Supporting Locals with Disabilities project will increase awareness of the unique and adaptable equipment solutions provided by TAD and ensure that the talented volunteers who design and build this equipment receive the support they need to continue to improve lives.
Contact: Ann Fox
(02) 9912 3405 (Office) 

Traxide $2500

Aboriginal Youth Community Garden Project

This project will engage Aboriginal young people in health services. Education regarding nutrition, healthy lifestyle, drug, alcohol and smoking cessation will be delivered in a youth friendly environment incorporating with use of open spaces, gardening and Aboriginal culture
Contact: Slavica Risteska

02 9796 8633 

Email:  Slavica.Risteska@sswahs.nsw.gov.au

Campbelltown Catholic Club

Campbelltown Rainbow Club $4180

Campbelltown Rainbow Club

Campbelltown Rainbow Club offers indivualised swimming lessons
for children with a disability at the Eagle Vale Aquatic Centre on Emerald Drive each Saturday during school term.

The lessons are heavily subsidised which makes this an
affordable weekend activity for families of children with a disability

Contact:  Catriona Barry

0417 221 119 (Office) 

Indigenous Wise $3320

The Ties That BInd

New Zealand / Maori Elders are in important part of the Campbelltown multicultural community and are well respected and offer strong cultural ties for youth living in the area. 
Many remain as New Zealand citizens and Australian Permanent Residents due to confusion and cost of applying for Australian Citizenship, despite the fact that they have been living in Australia and calling it their home for many years. 
Our project is designed to help ten Elders in this situation become Australian citizens by supporting them through the process step by step, providing transport and ultimately covering the application costs.
Contact: Melanie King
0421 530 537 (Office) 

Nano Nagle Camps $5000

Nano Nagle Camps

Camp & family fun days that offer opportunities for positive respite for vulnerable and disadvantaged children aged 6-12 years old, Indigenous children & families. Use of sport & recreation to engage children & their families in programs that increase social inclusion, help strengthen families, reduce disadvantage / isolation & build resilience. Provide opportunities for family bonding, parents to network including offer of 'warm' referrals and work in collaboration with other services in the community. Mentor Scheme that trains volunteers to become leaders and positive role models for children.
Contact:  Jenny Sheppard
(02) 4628 2928 (Office) 

Shepherd Centre for Deaf Children $5000

Ready, Set, Go - A school readiness program for deaf children whithin Campbelltown

‘Ready, Set, Go’ is a preparation program for deaf and hearing impaired children commencing school within Campbelltown Area. The program provides children with an introduction to common school language and a head start on learning skills they will need for school. The program will not only facilitate children preparation to school, it will also provide parents an opportunity to discuss some of the challenges associated with the transition of their deaf child to primary school.
contact:  Berthe Youakim
(02) 9370 4439 (Office) 

Campbelltown RSL

Cancer Patient Foundation $2500

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is a free community service program run by the Cancer Patients Foundation dedicated to teaching cancer patients techniques to help them cope with the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. These techniques assist in restoring their appearance and self-confidence through active learning in a group workshop environment. We do this with the support of 1500 trained and certified cosmetic and hairdressing professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to deliver workshops across Australia. Workshops are open to all women, men and teens who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or other forms of cancer treatment
Contact:  Miss Connlaith Ni Raifeartaigh
(02) 9211 9908 (Office) 
Email:    fundraising@lgfb.org.au   connlaith@lgfb.org.au


Defence Care RSL $5000
Enhancing the wellbeing of ADF veterans and their families
This project will support serving and ex-serving ADF veterans and their families when illness, injury or crisis occur, by providing compassionate, practical and immediate support in a safe and caring environment. We will help as many veterans as possible, responding to each veteran and their family individually. Support may include:

• counselling and support for veterans with mental health issues, especially PTSD;
• financial assistance; 
• medical/support equipment; 
• funeral support;
• household support during illness/injury recovery period; 
• assistance with DVA claims and advocacy at the Veterans’ Review Board;
• support for carers/partners;
• transition support for veterans; and/or
• support for homeless veterans.
Contact: Ms Robyn Collins
(02) 8088 0388 (Office) 

Multicultural Womens Coop $5000

Multicultural Womens Co-op "Pop Up" Shop

The Pop Up Shop is a 1 year project culminating in a 4 week pop up shop in Campbelltown.
The Multicultural Womens Co-operative will develop and manage the project and make a range of craft and other products which will be sold through the shop. Women will be utilise existing skills in craft and value added products and learn new skills such as small business management, including packaging, marketing, promotion and financial management. 

This project will support and nurture opportunities to encourage ongoing economic participation through skills development to build the capacity of multicultural women in small business management
Contact:  Sana Al Amar
(02) 4625 4897 (Office) 

Shop Front Theatre for Young People Coop $2000 

Lomandra Storytime - Out and About in Campbelltown

Lomandra is a specific purpose school for young people with behavioural issues and emotional trauma. Students are at-risk of entering juvenile justice and face barriers to further study and employment because of their specific needs, mental health issues and disabilities. Lomandra Storytime sees students creating artworks about their identities in and connections to Campbelltown in order to support their sense of self-worth and belonging to the local community. As a result of a greater sense of belonging, students are less likely to commit offences, and will feel more accepted locally which supports pathways to future opportunities and employment.
Contact:  Daniel Potter
(02) 9588 3948 (Office) 

UWS Enterprises $3000

Transition to Work program

Western Sydney University The College (The College) is proposing to work in partnership with AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) to improve post school employment opportunities for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people in the local Campbelltown LGA community. 

The College will work with AIME to offer ATSI students
an opportunity for funded RSA/RCG training, upon completion of the skill set The College and AIME will provide program participants with a Statement of Attainment and links to local employers, with an end goal of securing employment in the Campbelltown region.
contact: Maria Saupin
(02) 9852 4102 (Office) 


Ingleburn RSL Club

Leukaemia Foundation $4376

The Leukaemia Foundation Patient Transport Progamme 

The primary purpose of The Leukaemia Foundation Patient Transport Programme in the Campbelltown area is to provide safe, reliable transport AT NO CHARGE, to patients to and from treatment. The Leukaemia Foundation is requesting financial aid from ClubGRANTS to support costs associated with the daily operational delivery of the programme. We are requesting 40% of the yearly operational expenses of one car in the Campbelltown area
Contact: Nina Field
(02) 4222 0604 (Office) 

Macarthur Disability $5700

I Study...I Learn...I Grow

• 2 x Training programs for people with disabilities (high functioning), carers and marginalised first step learners interested in supporting people with disabilities to develop skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to return to study and pathway into future job roles in the changing and expanding Aged and DisAbility Services sector.
• 4 hours x 3 days x 4 weeks program for 10-15 students per group. Group 1 October 2016; Group 2 November 2016 
• Participants will achieve a Statement of Attainment in Certificate III in Individual Support; interact with MDS work places, guest speakers and SWSI TAFE for further study options and information

contact:    Vanessa Vale   Macarthur Disability Services Ltd.

(02) 4621 8491 (Office) 

Email:  vanessav@mdservices.com.au


Sunnyfield $4934

Inclusion for All

Sunnyfield's Campbelltown Centre is used by children/ young people with a disability transitioning between school and home, by carers seeking to build social networks with other families as well as by adults with a disability undertaking programs for skill development. The Centre lacks personal care facilities for people using wheelchairs, excluding them from accessing the Centre's activities.The project seek to respond to the increasing requests from families to augment facilities by installing a hoist and change table that can be used to provide appropriate personal care, especially to children from special schools looking to access the Centre directly after school.

 contact:  Ms Rajika Gilhotra

0406 380 971 (Office) 

Email:  r.gilhotra@sunnyfield.org.au

Combined Funding                

Afghan Fajar Association
 Wests Leagues Club $2500 Campbelltown RSL $2500

Swim 2 Survive.

The Swim2survive Project is designed to benefit youth and families people of Campbelltown area. It aims to create opportunity for 35-45 young girls and boys from a CALD and disadvantaged background, like refugees and families settled in Australian less than five years. The program will provide them with a positive social, healthy and educative experience. The program will include formal water safety and swimming lessons by qualified instructors. A secondary aim is also to create an event in school holiday especially those Youth who may a not be participating because of cultural or financial barriers
Contact:  Sayed Jawed HUSSAINIZADA
0469 880 469 (Office) 


Campbelltown 1st Ghost Scouts
Ingleburn RSL $2500 Wests Leagues $2500

Disability Scout Hall Upgrade

The responsibility for hall maintenance of the Campbelltown Ghost Scouts which is one of only four disability scout groups across Australia falls solely on the 11 families currently engaged in the Campbelltown Scout group. Our hall is owned by Scouts Australia and sits on Campbelltown Council land - the hall is currently in very bad condition with broken windows, no heating or cooling, broken plumbing and insufficient security. We would like to address some of these issues through the Clubgrants funding round.
Contact:  Tracie Robinson
0415 449 787 (Office) 


Mrytle Cottage
Ingleburn RSL $2500 Catholic Club $2500

What does Active ageing mean? Calendar

This project is about joint partnerships, intergenerational connections and community capacity building by:
1. Working in collaboration to promote a local community service for people who are aged, have a disability (physical, intellectual and/or mental), are a carer and/or are socially isolated. 
2. Breaking down perceptions and stigmas by developing a strengths-based approach for local career opportunities, working with people who have disabilities. 
3. Valuing people in the local community by providing interconnectedness and professional interactions with students, clients and private enterprise working together for a common purpose with a tangible professional outcome.
Contact: Margaret Donnelly
(02) 9426 3100 (Office) 



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