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Wests Leagues Club


Camden High


Addressing Educational Disadvantage - Technology for Students with a Disability

Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) have a right to access education on the same basis as other students but their disadvantages have been multiplied by other factors such as Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders background (ATSI) and low socio-economic status (SES). A lack of technology, which is so vital in today's life, can hamper our students educational outcomes. By providing our students with the latest (up to date) technology (laptops) that facilitates and enhances their learning, we would be able to decrease the impact of education disadvantage for this particular group of students.
Primary Contact: Monika Bray  Email: monika.bray@det.nsw.edu.au

Campbelltown Cyber Seekers


Cyber Seekerd IT Hardware Replacement

Cyber Seekers has a network of 15 desktops, 6 laptops and 2 tablets. these 23 devices are all used by our members for their lessons. Some students bring their own equipment and connect to our network. The network server protects all our machines from misuse and viruses. The network also controls access to wifi, students work files and their own work areas. Replacement servers would cost over $9700. We have technical experience in the club to build our own servers, configure them and put them into productive use in a secure cabinet. We have the know how but need the equipment/hardware.

Primary Contact:  Ellen Dwyer  Email:  ejoy@exemail.com.au 

Eternity Aid 


Reiby Life Skills Development Programme

The Reiby Life Skills Development Program pertains to an out of school mentoring program that is held at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre, Campbelltown. It is staffed by community volunteers, which utilise the power of one-to-one tutor/mentor relationships to bridge gaps in academic and social development. These youth are between 10-17years, both male and female. Volunteers are the specialist mentors that work towards their lifeskills, getting them to become reengaged with school life and assisting them in heightening their reading levels to be able to even learn what school has to teach them. School is limited in teaching this.

Primary Contact: Lee Bromley    Email: leeabromley@gmail.com 

Foster Care Angels Inc


Therapy Dog Campbelltown

We are seeking a contribution towards the purchase, training and upkeep of a therapy dog to compliment our Mental Health early intervention education program designed for vulnerable young people between the ages of 15-24 leaving, or having left the NSW foster care system. A trained and certified therapy dog is an integral part of the mental health treatment process. In an environment where touch is not appropriate, a dog offers a chance for touch that is calming and helpful. Patting a dog has been shown to decrease stress hormones, lower blood pressure, regulate breathing and release oxycontin.

Primary Contact: Kelly Doyle  Email: kelly@fostercareangels.org.au 

 Top Blokes Foundation


Junior Top Bloke Foundation

Aim: To keep young men happy, mentally healthy and safe so they reach their full potential. Current statistics on young men’s health show alarming rates of suicide, death / serious injury by accident, negative disciplinary incidents in schools and proportionate of male detainees in juvenile justice. The program aims to reduce anti-social behaviour and changing attitudes and behaviours by learning tools to assist with anger management, reduced risk-taking as well as new definitions on how to express healthy masculinity. Target Group: Boys in Leumeah High Year 9 /10 (normally 14/15 years) who are demonstrating at-risk behaviours due to complex family backgrounds (e.g. substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health issues, no positive male role model, cultural issues etc.) Activity: The program delivers 16 workshops over a 6-month period in schools using activities, community projects, case studies, current and location relevant statistics and inspirational stories that centre around the topics we cover, to challenge, empower and develop the young men to build their social and emotional skills, resilience, accountability, integrity and respect. Benefits: We use a measurement framework developed by with Ernst and Young (as part of a 3 Year Social Impact Study) and provide reports that detail our impact over 6 key areas: Improved Life Skills; Improved Personal Well-being; Improved Physical Well Being; Reduction in Anti-social behaviour; Increased Social Connectedness and Improved Academic Performance. Our program is classified as preventative and contributes to the reduction of societal issues such domestic violence, mental health, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment and homelessness.

Primary Contact:  Louise Skilbeck   Email: louise@topblokes.org.au

 Whitelion Youth Agency


Rise Stem Project

 Whitelion's RISE program is an alternative learning centre based at Claymore. We provide educational support for young people in the Campbelltown area who are suspended from school, facing expulsion, or disengaged from education. The purpose of RISE is to provide educational support and mentoring to encourage students to return to school to further their education or engage with alternative vocational training or employment. RISE caters for approximately 30 students each year and is funded via philanthropic contributions. Due to our limited budget, we are currently unable to provide access to appropriate technology our students in developing much needed skills in the educational areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Financial support from Clubgrants would enable the purchase of appropriate technology (3D Printer and computer) as well as specialist training.

Primary Contact: Sharon Everson  Email: sharon.everson@whitelion.asn.au

Ingleburn RSL


Campbelltown Rainbow Club


 Campbelltown Rainbow Club Transition to NDIS

Our project is to support families who are struggling through the transition to NDIS so that their children with a disability can continue with their individualised swimming lessons and participate in this social and recreational activity that is so important to their mental health. The NDIS roll out is a complex once-in-a-generation change for families with a child with a disability. Many are benefiting in ways they never thought possible while others are experiencing difficulties and complications with the bureaucracy and our aim is to support them in this challenge.

Primary contact: Catriona Barry  Email: info@rainbowclubaust.com.au 

Country Womens Association - Ingleburn Branch


Craft Training Day and Membership Drive

The CWA needs more members - this day will will be training members of the public in knitting, crochet and making craft items and hoping that those who attend will join the CWA in Ingleburn. 

Primary contact: Margaret Jarosz  Email: margaretjarosz@bigpond.com

 Technical Aid to the Disabled - TAD


Freedom Wheels Assessment Day

Leading Independent Lives

Supporting Macarthur Volunteers

Freedom Wheels Assessment Day - Our occupational therapist will travel to Campbelltown to assess the needs of local children with a disability and design a custom bike that will enable them to ride a bike for the first time in their lives. These assessments will be provided at no cost to the parents/carers of children with a disability with the generous support of local Clubs. Subject to funding amount, we would like to conduct two Assessment Days in Campbelltown.

Leading Independent Lives - This project will subsidise the cost of designing and building personalised equipment for people with a disability in the Campbelltown LGA. Whether it be to buckle a child's seat belt one-handed, surf with low vision, play cricket in a wheelchair, local volunteers will create innovative, practical items of custom or modified equipment that will help people with a disability in the Campbelltown LGA to reach their goals and lead more independent lives.

Supporting Macarthur Volunteers - TAD volunteers in the Macarthur region, including Campbelltown, have been designing and building personalised equipment for people with a disability in the Macarthur region for many years. They dedicate their time, skills and energy to creating the one piece of equipment that helps people with a disability reach their goals and lead more independent lives. This project will provide vital resources to the local volunteers to ensure that they can continue to change the lives of local people with a disability.

Primary contact: Jieun Lee  Email: jlee@tad.org.au 

 The Beauty Bank Australia Inc.


Christmas 2018 Lifes Little Luxuries Gift Bags - Campbelltown LGA

The Beauty Bank aims to make Christmas brighter for up to 50 women and older teen girls in the Campbelltown area. The recipients, who may not otherwise receive a gift when it is traditional to do so, may have left a place of domestic violence or other hardship situation. We hope to make them feel valued by their community by once again offering our Christmas Life's Little Luxuries bags filled with gift items they would probably not be able to purchase for themselves.

Primary contact: Denise Dolan  Email: thebeautybankau@gmail.com 

 YWCA Australia


Roar After School Care

YWCA NSW in consultation with local primary schools and the greater community has identified the lack of after school activities for children and young people aged 8 – 12 years within the Ambarvale/Rosemeadow area. With this in mind, it is our proposal to apply for the Clubs grant to provide after school supported activity group where local children have the opportunity to increase social skills, whilst exposing them to an array of activities such as arts and crafts, sustainable living, gardening and dance. The grant would also allow for healthy habits to build by providing healthily afternoon tea.

Primary contact: Janet Kingston  Email: janetk@ywcansw.com.au 

Campbelltown RSL


Hope Anglican Church


Affordable Community Play Time for Parents/Caregivers & Children

In 2018 Hope Anglican Church has started Little Lambs Play Time focused on the parents/caregivers and children in the new Willowdale Estate in South West Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Little Lambs Play Time is an inviting weekly group for children ages 0-5. They look forward to attending Little Lambs during school terms, as the activities are fun, engaging, social, interactive and educational. Parents/Caregivers create and build strong friendships and community during this life stage when it is common to feel isolated, exhausted, lonely and anxious. Both parents and children benefit from Little Lambs Play Time immensely.

Primary contact: Ellen Smith Suburb   Email: emailellensmith@gmail.com 

Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living


Cooking with Gas at MCSL

The Centre runs educational cooking classes trying to assist Primary,High School, TAFE & University students and local residents with how to reuse their food waste plus how to reduce their energy bills in the kitchen. The Centre also hires the kitchen facilities out as a sustainable venue to the public for parties, small wedding and childrens activities. The Centre has a 15year old gas 5x burner stove that needs replacing. The oven is approx 30-50 degrees lower then is required and the children are very disappointed when their cakes flop. The Centre would also like to purchase a 2-group handle espresso machine to assist the groups with their learning of different beverages and employment skills. We are now branching out into bush tucker classes to assist local aboriginal youth with how to cook their tradition foods. Purchase a 5x burner gas hotplate and oven and a 2-group handle espresso machine, coffee grinder.

Primary contact:  Helen Byfield-Fleming  Email: info@mcsl.org.au

Macarthur Diversity Services - Airds Bradbury Men's Shed


Audio Visual for the Airds Bradbury Men's Shed

Funding will purchase a flat screen TV and sound bar for use for presentations and guest speakers audio-visual presentations and for social use.

Primary contact:  Karin Vasquez  MDSI

Sector Connect - Families NSW


Paint Campbelltown Town Read

Vocabulary and early literacy have been linked to positive education outcomes for children. Paint the Town Read is an early literacy program which promotes reading through books, rhyming and singing. It is Australia wide and promotes a positive approach in developing early literacy message in children. Parents and the community are engaged through community literacy events which provide information while children are engaged through activities and mascots. Paint the Town Read Campbelltown's Mascot is McReadie (a bookworm). This project is also a great way to promote Child and Family services to families who may be in need (incidental benefit).

Primary contact:  Jeanne Duffy  Email:  networking@sectorconnect.org.au


  South West Community Transport


CALD Arabic Community Transport Information Session

Create a CALD Community language specific information pack for the Arabic Community advising all of the available transport options in the LGA and how to use them. Along with the information pack, coordinate an information day with specific language presenters and provide Free of Charge return transport to the event and a culturally appropriate lunch for attendees. The session to be coordinated with local community groups, Bus, Taxi and Community Transport service providers. The project will also invite support service providers to create an opportunity to inform the attendees regarding services available in their area.

Primary contact:  Stuart Roche   Email: Stuart.roche@swct.com.au



Campbelltown Catholic Club


Children's Festival Organisation Inc.


Multicultural Children's Festival

The Children’s Festival has been a premier community event in Bankstown since 1999 & Sydney since 2014, bringing children and families together from all different cultures, religious backgrounds & abilities and helps build harmony. As Macarthur’s multicultural fabric expands, there is a definite need for such a festival in this LGA. The program for family fun day extends between 11am-5pm with free Entry. There are many outdoor activities,largely managed by volunteer groups. The stage program displays the rich tradition of many cultural groups through dance and drama. The highlight of the day is the spectacular children's parade with marching bands, traditional costumes and lion dancers.

Primary contact:  Brian Laul   Email: brianlaul@hotmail.com

The Junction Works Limited


I am Ready for Big School 

Project will provide children attending the transitioning to school program based at both Curran's and Macquarie Fields Public Schools with a backpack, lunchbox, drink bottle and stationary before entering kindergarten in 2019.

Primary contact:  Tanya Eades  Tallowood Community Centre

 The Leukaemia Foundation


Leukaemia Foundation patient transport programme

The Leukaemia Foundation is seeking support for the daily operational costs for one Patient Transport Vehicle in Campbelltown region. Our transport vehicles transports patients from their homes to their treating hospitals free-of-charge. We are currently assisting a 37 year old man from Campbelltown who recently under went a bone marrow transplant, with weekly transport to Westmead. He has a young family and had to give up work. We have been assisting a 48 year old lady from Campbelltown for 4 years with transport to Liverpool hospital on a weekly basis.

Primary contact:  Mrs Gail Ladner  Email: gladner@leukaemia.org.au 

The Shepherd Centre


Jump Start School Readiness for Deaf Children

Jump Start is a school readiness program for children with hearing loss living in the Campbelltown LGA in the year prior to commencing school. It will provide support to parents to navigate the NDIS so they understand what is needed prior to school. The children will also be introduced to common school language, basic numeracy and literacy concepts and a head start on learning communication and social skills they will need to adjust to the school environment. Starting school is a huge challenge for deaf children but with the right support they can adjust, fit in and thrive. 

Primary contact: Berthe Youakim  Email: berthe.youakim@shepherdcentre.org.au

 WILMA Women's Health Centre


Actively Aging with Energising Chair Yoga

WILMA Women's Health Centre has a number of clients living with chronic health issues, injuries and disabilities. This project is aimed at providing those clients with a gentle way of exercising in the form of Chair Yoga. The Chair Yoga class will suit seniors, beginners and those with a mobility issue. it is incredibly beneficial and Yoga has been shown to improve overall health, prevent and (even in some cases) reverse disease when practiced regularly as a lifestyle choice.

Primary contact:  Michelle Mays  Email: manager@wilma.org.au

 Youth Off the Streets


Opportunities and Options for Disadvantaged Youth - Campbelltown

EDEN College is an accredited high school that supports the individual needs of young people based in South-West Sydney, who face issues such as being homeless, drug and alcohol dependency, exclusion/disengagement from school or mainstream education, young single parents, mental health issues, poverty and social isolation in a considerably different environment to that of mainstream education. Across 2018-2019, our school will support 32 individual students who would otherwise have slipped through the cracks of the mainstream education system and provide them with the same opportunities and options that mainstream students have, so they do not fall further behind and continue the cycle of educational disengagement and disadvantage. This ClubGRANT will contribute towards: (1) Student Experiences – excursions, camps, inter-school events. (2) Appropriate Attire - protective gear, safe footwear, uniform. (3) Employability Training & Certification - First Aid, Responsible Service of Alcohol, construction industry White Card etc

Primary contact: Bianca Andreacchio  Email: grants@youthoffthestreets.com.au 


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