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Do you work with families affected by alcohol and other drug (AOD) misuse?

There's still time to provide input on a series of resources we're planning for child and family professionals who don’t have specialist expertise in the AOD area:

  • What do you need to be most effective when working with families affected by AOD misuse?
  • What are the gaps in your knowledge?
  • What types of resources would you find most useful?

Please send your ideas to or simply reply to this email.

Vulnerable Communities Health Data

SWSLHD Planning Unit is developing a page on our website for information relating to the health of vulnerable communities. There will be a series of fact sheets for a range of communities including:

  • Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders
  • People who live with chronic mental illness and their children
  • People in contact with the criminal justice system and their families
  • People living in rural communities with poorer access to basic health and social infrastructure
  • People living in social housing
  • People with drug and alcohol issues
  • People on low incomes, who are unemployed or have lower educational attainment
  • People who are homeless or in insecure housing
  • Children in care or from families with child protection issues
  • People with a chronic illness
  • Refugees and recently arrived migrants
  • People with disability
  • People experiencing violence
  • Carers


Kim Webster | Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety
30 October 2016 | This report outlines new findings on the health impacts of intimate partner violence and the contribution it makes to the overall disease burden in Australian women.
Topics: Family violence, Women--Violence against, Women--Economic conditions, Health planning  Read in browser »


 Alcohol-attributable assault puts 10,000 Australians in hospital in one year



Measuring & addressing the prevalence & health impacts of intimate partner violence in Australian women

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