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NDIS and psychosocial disability – the Victorian story: Insights and policy recommendations from expert stakeholders

This report finds that while only around 10% of Victorians living with severe mental illness are expected to be eligible for the NDIS, critical community mental health services, supporting all Victorians living with severe mental illness, are being decommissioned to fund the scheme.


For Teens: Am I Depressed or is It Just a Phase?


Seasonal Affective Disorder


How to talk to your kids about addiction


Know The Signs & Symptoms To Prevent Suicide




hospitalised assault injuries females

Equitable resourcing of primary health care in remote communities in Australia’s Northern Territory: A pilot study

How do clinicians learn about knowledge translation? An investigation of current web-based learning opportunities

Extending "continuity of care" to include the contribution of family carers

What is the difference between comprehensive and selective primary health care? Evidence from a five year longitudinal realist case study in South Australia

NHS top managers, knowledge exchange and leadership: The early development of Academic Health Science Networks - A mixed-methods study 

Decommissioning health care: Identifying best practice through primary and secondary research - A prospective mixed-methods study

Health care access, mental health, and preventive health: Health priority survey findings for people in the bush

Creative health: The arts for health and wellbeing


Pathways to research impact in primary healthcare: What do Australian primary healthcare researchers believe works best to facilitate the use of their research findings?

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Experiencing integration: A qualitative pilot study of consumer and provider experiences of integrated primary health care in Australia

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Research culture in a regional allied health setting

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Barriers to accessing primary health care: Comparing Australian experiences internationally

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Evidence based medicine manifesto for better healthcare

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Whose voices? Patient and public involvement in clinical commissioning

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Mental health in rural and remote communities

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