Volunteering Australia has partnered with the Institute of Project Management to conduct the 2017 Survey for the Value of Volunteering Support Services. The first of its kind, the report will give a nation-wide snapshot into the value of Volunteering Support Services (VSSs) in Australia. The aim of the report is to quantify the social and economic contribution that VSSs make, provide evidence-based data, and to provide a benchmark to measure future performance. 


The report will be the product of responses to each:

· A census intended for VSSs;

· A survey intended for VIOs; and

· A survey intended for volunteers.


The value of the data lies in a high response rate, and Volunteering Australia is urging all VSSs, VIOs, and volunteers to make a response. Please complete your respective survey below, and distribute to your networks, as your responses will help improve practice, inform development work, and represent the interests of the sector. 

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, with all feedback treated as confidential. Conducted by the Institute of Project Management on behalf of Volunteering Australia, and made possible by Foundation Members, the Surveys close Friday 11 August 2017. 

If you have any questions, please contact Volunteering Australia on 02 6251 4060 or media@volunteeringaustralia.org.