Today the Shadow Minister for Families and Social Affairs and one of the key NDIS architects, Jenny Macklin has announced her resignation from politics. 

Since the Scheme's historic journey from community campaign to law of the nation, a number of people have been credited as the prime instigator of the NDIS. When something so remarkable and unlikely occurs, everyone is looking for its hero. But while many have claimed this title, few could deny the pivotal role Jenny Macklin played in the Scheme's formation. 

As Disability Reform Minister at the time, Ms Macklin choked back tears as she concluded the Senate debate which saw the NDIS pass through the Upper House. She has since then worked tirelessly to help resolve the implementation problems which at times seem to plague the Scheme. Those who have worked closely with her over the years credit the genuine dedication and empathy that she showed to people living with disability in Australia. 

Ms Macklin was a quiet worker. She did not seem to require the credit or the spotlight, instead focusing on getting the work done. Perhaps that is why many forget her name when considering the Founding Fathers (and Mothers) of the Scheme. Yet here at DSC, we believe that she is as worthy of this title as anyone else. She has been a campaigner, an advocate and a legislator. We wish her the best in what she does next. 

(It is also worth noting that Ms Macklin served as Deputy to Opposition Leader Mark Latham, but nobody is perfect).