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Funding e-News

Volunteer Grants The Australian Government is inviting applications via an open process to apply for funding to support volunteers under the Volunteer Grants Activity. Volunteer Grants aim to support the...

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Volunteering Resources

Volunteers Handouts - WHS[/assets/Uploads/volunteers-handout-WHS.pdf] Common Languages Guide[/assets/Uploads/01032018Common-Languages-Guide-FINAL.pdf] Complaint Handling by Charities and not-for-profits[/assets/Uploads/Complaint-handling-by-charities-and-not-for-profits.pdf] Sample Volunteer Position Description[/assets/Uploads/Sample-Volunteer-Position-Description-1.pdf] Sample Volunteer Agreement[/assets/Uploads/Sample-Volunteer-Agreement-1.pdf] VA – Key sourced of info about Australian volunteering[/assets/Uploads/VA-Key-sources-of-info-about-Australian-volunteering-16-Apr-151.pdf]

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Aussie communities get behind DoSomething! Day

Aussie communities get behind DoSomething! Day[] July. 25, 2018 by Naomi Neilson Volunteers and charitable organisations have banded together on 'DoSomething! Day' to raise funds for community groups across the country National Redress...

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