Caution Needed Over Autism Diagnosis Guidelines | Peak autism bodies say while new national diagnosing standards will help people with autism get better support, the autism community needs to closely watch how it affects access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


Disadvantaged Jobseekers Facing Lack of Entry-Level Jobs | Entry-level jobs for disadvantaged jobseekers are drying up, according to new analysis which reveals more than four people are competing for each low-skilled job in Australia.


Fears Foreign Donations Bill Could Still Stifle Charitable Advocacy | It is feared an amended foreign donations bill will still threaten charitable advocacy despite new recommendations designed to protect the sector.


Report Highlights Entrenched Australian Poverty | With millions living below the breadline in Australia, a peak welfare body is calling for a complete overhaul of the employment system, at least two days a week of subsidised childcare and a lift to social security.