New findings on business and individual giving and volunteering have been released today, as part of the Giving Australia 2016 report series. The Hon Minister for Social Services Christian Porter MP, Deputy Chair to the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership, launched the latest two reports in the series:

Giving Australia 2016 Business Giving and Volunteering

Giving Australia 2016 Individual Giving and Volunteering

Volunteering Australia CEO Adrienne Picone said, “Volunteering Australia is proud to be recognised as a sector partner in the largest-ever research conducted on giving and volunteering in the country”.

This is the second and third data release, of five research reports from Giving Australia 2016, with findings of interest to civil society, government, business, and philanthropists.

The Business Giving and Volunteering report focuses on giving and volunteering by small, medium and large businesses, that represent a significant contribution to the Australian not-for-profit sector. The Individual Giving and Volunteering report provides insights on volunteering, including trends, innovations and challenges for those who are giving their time and money to a diverse number of causes.

Some key insights from the Business Giving and Volunteering report include:

- Business volunteering in the workplace is increasing, with 63% of large companies having a workplace volunteering program, 30% of mid-sized businesses, and 6% of small business (though many small businesses indicated they would like to get involved in workplace volunteering).

- Almost 90% of large businesses reported allocating more resources to volunteering, compared to 10 years ago, and wanted to see more of their workforce participating in workplace volunteering.

- Almost three-quarters of large businesses or 72%, indicated they encouraged employee giving by allocating paid time for volunteering.

Highlights from the Individual Giving and Volunteering report include:

- An estimated total of 932 million hours was volunteered during 2016.

- Females volunteered an average of 138 hours during the year (46.9%), while males volunteered an average of 130 hours (40.3%).

- Those who volunteered (87.4%) also engaged in charitable donation.

Giving Australia 2016 is led by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies at QUT and sponsored by the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership. Read more about the Giving Australia 2016 release here