NCOSS says…have your say on women's economic empowerment on the global stage

The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is coming up in March and NCOSS is attending with representatives from the New Year for Women Young Women’s Advisory Panel.

We've been working hard to make this happen, sourcing sponsorship and using our own money, to make the most of the huge interest there is in the New Year for Women project. Our aim is to showcase this work to the world AND bring back new thinking on how we continue to make change for women and girls in Australia.

We’ll be co-hosting a series of events while we are there:

  1. We’ve joined forces with the Australian Government though the Office for Women to host a side event focusing on the economic empowerment of Aboriginal women and girls
  2. We’re working with the National Women’s Alliances on a side event focused on making the change we want to see, and
  3. We're hosting a second side event focused on the work we’ve done across sectors to put the economic empowerment of women and girls on the agenda in Australia.

While we’re in New York there will be ample opportunity to feed in to the work of CSW and shape – even in small ways – the outcomes achieved. 
First up - the principal output of CSW is the agreed conclusions on the priority theme set for each year. Read the draft agreed conclusions for this year’s theme, women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work.
NCOSS will be encouraging further emphasis to be placed on addressing the multiple and interconnecting forms of inequality, discrimination and disadvantage faced by many women and how this can be an issue of priority for CSW.