Please see attached for a statement from the NSW Housing and Homelessness Peaks regarding the development of the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement.  This has been provided to the NSW Treasurer, Minister Goward and the relevant Departments.


The statement includes the following actions:


Commonwealth Government to:


• increase the level of funding it provides under the NHHA or through other mechanisms and ensure that the funding provided delivers new social housing supply while also being adequate to maintain properties that already exist within social housing portfolios;

• ensure that the state’s strategy includes a clear commitment to working with tenants in Aboriginal, community and public housing to improve their housing and the opportunities open to them;

• ensure that the state’s strategy includes a clear commitment to improve the lives and opportunities of tenants by investing in and, together with tenants, strengthening all social housing communities;

• strongly encourage/incentivise the states to maximise the provision of affordable housing via their planning powers;

• ensure that the states are required to consult with key stakeholders as part of the development of the affordable housing strategy that will be used as the basis for the bilateral agreement;

• establish a National Housing Strategy that incorporates a specific National Aboriginal Housing Strategy and a National Homelessness Strategy that underpins the funding provided under the NHHA. The National Housing Strategy would work to ensure appropriate policies for the delivery of housing affordability from a position of tenure neutrality are developed across all levels of government. We believe that the specific issues around Aboriginal housing require a separate but linked strategy to ensure focus is not lost. The National Homelessness Strategy would work to ensure best practice models in response to homelessness (such as housing first and early intervention approaches to support young people at risk of homelessness) are implemented across Australia as part of the core homelessness service system.

• transparent matching of new funds to the levels of Commonwealth investment;

• publically reported outcomes resulting from the NHHA;

• development of a transparent and level playing field for accountability, with public housing being subject to the same level of scrutiny as community housing;

• the development of a NSW Affordable Housing Strategy which commits to a substantial investment in social housing, commits to delivering 100,000 affordable housing rental properties, recognises the currently limited contribution the private rental market can make in delivering housing


NSW Government to commit to:


  • affordability, and provides specific targeted measures to reduce barriers to housing that are adopted across NSW Government agencies; and
  • developing and implementing a NSW Aboriginal Housing Strategy.
  • And to ensure the Homelessness Strategy:

-           links with national responses;

-          ensures that the views of Aboriginal people are fully incorporated;

-          focuses on prevention including committing to the development of a ‘no exits into homelessness’ across NSW government agencies;

-          incorporates a comprehensive assessment of current housing need and gaps in service provisions to people experiencing homelessness; and

-          includes agreed targets and measurable outcomes that all relevant NSW government agencies are required to prioritise and report against.