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In this issue

  • "The most worthy charity is the one that gives 100% of your donation directly to the people who need it." False! Yet the charity overhead myth refuses to die. In this issue, Our Community executive director Kathy Richardson busts the myth, incinerates it and scatters its ashes. See page 11.
  • Explainer: Are charities allowed to advocate for causes or not? When does lobbying cross the line into promoting a political party? Our Community's thinker in residence, Chris Borthwick, explains. See page 8.

We're full of it

Full of prizes and opportunities, that is. This issue, we present:

  • the Churchill Fellowship: page 2
  • scholarship-assisted places in the Diploma of Business (Governance): page 20
  • Apple watches AND tickets to Communities in Control 2017: page 22
  • a graphic design package worth $10,000: page 26

All this and a whole lot more - attached.

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The Our Community team

P.S. We mentioned our give-away of Apple watches and tickets to Communities in Control. To be in with a chance, all you've gotta do is subscribe to The Good Jobs Weekly and answer one question. Details here.