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 Parents Families and Carers
Call for Expressions of Interest

Families are the primary relational unit of society and the principal source of belonging and care. But, amazingly, there is no national voice in Australia of parents, families and carers.  Every industry and sectional interest in the country has a national voice to get in the ears of government, business and journalists, except the most important - families.

Often the only voice claiming to speak for families is the conservative Christian lobby, but it cannot represent the diversity of contemporary Australian families.

In the absence of a representative institution, governments look to service delivery agencies and research institutes to advise them on family matters. The result is that governments think family interests are best served by increased workforce participation and increased formal care. But this is often not what most of us want. Stronger relationships, a more relaxed domestic life, and personalised services are a higher priority for many, but most of us feel we are on our own.

In 2017, we want to turn this around and enable Parents Families and Carers to build a national voice.

Expressions of interest are invited for members of the Council of Parents Families and Carers.

We are seeking people who wish to lead and drive this movement, who meet at least some of the following criteria:

a. a track record as a strong advocate for parents, families and carers;
b. potential to be recognised by the media as an outstanding speaker and leader;
c. ability to inspire others in changing their circumstances in positive ways;
d. experience in organising self-help activity and mutual empowerment;
e. tech, web, design, social media, finance or business skills.

The Council will appoint several office-bearers to speak on its behalf. It will meet in person as necessary, and conduct its routine business online. Participants are sought from all regions of Australia.

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