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Found! The Missing Middle

Some of Australia’s most innovative architects and building designers have presented a glimpse of the future of NSW homes as the winners of the Missing Middle Design Competition were announced at an awards ceremony.


We survived lasagne on a stick

Over 14 days, 81 staff offered tips to save show goers time and money. The stall focused on the complying development approval pathway for building and renovating homes.


NSW Chief Planner, you won't believe what he did next...

NSW Chief Planner, Gary White talks megatrends and the importance of strategic planning


What we love about the Central West and Orana

In 2016 we released the Draft Central West and Orana Regional Plan. Ahead of the final plan being launched later this year, we’re taking a look at the things we love about life in the region rich in diversity, regional hubs and natural resources.


Conversations with the Minister

What can be done to improve housing affordability? Engage with the conversation throughout the month of May with the Minister’s three-part blog series examining the state’s growing population, new housing design models and how to connect communities.


BOOM! Population change in NSW

We’re getting older and living longer. At the same time near record numbers of babies are being born. As we head towards a population of 8 million people, where is our booming growth coming from?

Event invitations

Human Atlas Thinktank

The think-tank session will bring together a group of senior managers and leaders from across NSW government, business, community and demographic information sectors to use their perspectives and experiences as users, suppliers and producers of population data to identify service needs into the future.

LOCATION: The Mint, Sydney

DATE: 17th May 2017