'Prison sentence': 6000 young Australians stranded in nursing homes



The first younger person with a disability to give evidence to the Royal Commission into Aged Care has described her residential aged care facility as "hell".


Liz Corcoran, 43, told the commission that younger people are stuck living "a prison sentence" in nursing homes because there is nowhere else for them to go.

About 6000 people aged under 65 are living in nursing homes in Australia.


In the six years she has been in aged care, Ms Corcoran said she had been sexually assaulted, punched and pinched by staff.

"My number one goal is to get the f*** out of the nursing home," she told the inquiry, with the help of her speech pathologist. "My number two goal is to hug my children."

In a written submission to inquiry, wheelchair-bound Ms Corcoran said she had to fight to be showered more than once a week.

Ms Corcoran also described being left outside in the sun for hours, leaving her with painful sunburn.

"I was screaming but no one came," Ms Corcoran said. "They didn't hear me screaming until the next shift."

The commission also heard from widow Catherine Roche, who believes her husband Michael Burge would still be alive if he had not been forced into an aged care facility after suffering a massive stroke at the age of 56.

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