Dear Forum Member,


As we’ve all experienced or witnessed, changes in the sector are inevitable and it has recently impacted on Sector Support & Development in Macarthur and Wingecarribee regions. We are no longer funded for disability services so we will only be focussing on services for our ageing community.


The Sector Support & Development Officer (SSDO) position, previously held by Tony Badry, has been merged with the Sector Support & Development Training Project which is coordinated by Maria Poulopoulos. The position of Project & Services Support Officer (currently held by Ruth Maginness) will also be merged into the Sector Support & Development Training Project which is supported by Carina Tidy working three days per week.


As you would understand, this restructure has forced us to streamline our service provision so we can to continue to provide valuable information and support across all of our regions with the reduced staffing that we have. Two of the necessary changes will be that emails will no longer be forwarded to our networks on your behalf and that the HAVA CHAT newsletter will not be produced. Instead, we have created two groups on HSNet called ‘Macarthur Ageing Forum’ and ‘Wingecarribee Ageing Forum’. Instead of sending emails to forum members with each individual update, we will be posting our information directly into the relevant group and we ask that you do the same for your own service news and updates.


Here’s what you will need to do:


Go to

If you are not currently a HSNet member, please click on ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner of the page and follow the prompts.

If you are already a HSNet member, Sign In to your HSNet account.

Search for the Macarthur Ageing Forum and/or the Wingecarribee Ageing Forum in the Search Within Groups box and follow the prompts to join the group.


Your group request will come to the Sector Support, Development & Training Team for approval. Once you are a group member, you will be able to post your service information directly to the group at any time you choose.


To set the frequency of how often you receive HSNet notifications (never/immediately/daily/weekly), click on your User Name in the top right corner, click on Edit Profile, then select Subscriptions from the menu bar on the left of your screen. You can make your selection here for each group you’re a member of.


If you need further support, I have also attached three key instructional documents to this email. Instructions are also available by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Support, then selecting the e-learning option. Alternatively, there are HSNet System Demonstrations held monthly which will also help you navigate the website and understand its numerous features. To book your place at one of these webinars, go to


We look forward to continuing to provide accurate, relevant and timely support to our forum members.