Dear Friends and Colleagues,


You may have heard about Repair Café Wollongong, if not, that’s okay, you’re welcome to pop in and visit any Friday between 10am – 1pm at Flourish Australia New Outlook, 3 Station St, Wollongong, and follow us on Facebook for updates, information and exciting events


Repair Café Wollongong is the first registered Repair Café in the Illawarra and is part of a growing global movement to help reduce the impact of waste on the environment, by encouraging people to share and learn skills to repair, re-use and upcycle items rather than throwing things away. It also helps build supportive and inclusive connections in the community by creating a space for social learning. More on the global repair café movement here


Do you, or does someone you know like fixing, mending, tinkering, repairing or repurposing stuff? Do you or they want to share these skills and perhaps learn others? Maybe it’s you, a family member or friend, a colleague, volunteer or person participating in your business or service that is looking for something great to get involved with on a Friday morning. Perhaps patching a bike tyre is your thing, maybe it’s making new from old, or possibly sewing is your strength. Whatever your interest, your passion and your skill, you are welcome at Repair Café Wollongong. All sorts of things come in for repair!


I’ve attached a flyer for you to find more information, including how you can get in touch and get involved with Repair Café.