Late last year we sent information around regarding the Social Housing Management Transfer Program and its potential impact on SHSs and clients which identified the following areas requiring further consideration:


-          Ensuring ongoing access to housing and service quality for SHS clients during transfer period and beyond;

-          Consistency of policy, programs and access to services for SHS clients across social housing sector;

-          Disruption to existing partnerships between CHPs and SHSs and risks associated for SHSs in developing partnerships with CHPs within a competitive tender environment;

-          Transfer of Access and Demand function – clarity around how this will be managed and the potential role of SHSs in this space (eg joining up SHS and TA, SHS management of private rental subsidies etc etc )

-          Role of Homelessness Industry and Workforce Strategy in supporting SHSs to engage with Transfer Program

-          Learnings from GHSH reform process, particularly the disruption created by reform within local networks and collaboration and impacts of JWAs and contracted collaboration


We have now completed the attached paper outlining some recommendations and further information on the SHMT Program and opportunities and issues to consider for the SHS service system.  This has been developed in consultation with the NSW Federation of Housing Associations and has included feedback received from SHSs on this issue. 


We will be discussing the paper with the relevant areas of FACS and will continue to work with the Federation on this as well.  If you have any questions regarding the SHMT or would like to provide input into this work please contact Dougie Wells