Energy bills. Most of us don’t look forward to getting them. They're often difficult to understand, but the worst part is looking to the spot in the bill where the dollars owed sit in heavy black numbers.

This special edition of our magazine Tenant News, focuses on energy and climate issues, from a renter's perspective.

Many renters want to take action to reduce their energy use – for the climate as well as for the household budget – but are limited by the laws and structures of renting.

One of the key problems is lack of security. In NSW, renters feel like they might be unfairly evicted at any time – and be uprooted from their neighbourhoods and communities. This makes it difficult to negotiate with the landlord for improvements in energy efficiency or to install rooftop solar, or even to assert basic renters' rights.

These are some of the reasons why the Tenants’ Union, with over 80 other organisations, is campaigning to Make Renting Fair, by removing the laws allowing ‘no grounds’ evictions. We invite you to learn more and join the campaign at

Below, check out the stories and articles from this special edition of Tenant News. If you would like printed copies of the magazine to give to tenants, please get in touch.