Sydney Help Hub: Campbelltown Area Outreach Event


Sydney Help Hub is a Sydney-wide initiative to support families experiencing financial hardship. Run by Prosper (Project Australia), this activity is funded by the Department of Social Services emergency relief program, and sources/distributes clothing, food packages, toiletries, nappies, linen, kitchen and household items, etc to families in need at various sites across Sydney. We have an upcoming outreach day on the 9th March at Woodbine Neighbourhood Centre (Flyer attached)


At this event local families can attend to;

-          Pick up toiletry packs, nappies, and other essentials

-          Collect pre-ordered food packs (these must be booked in advance by texting 0402 787 571)

-          Receive free resources to help with family budgeting and managing finances

-          Learn about other support for financial hardship