Top 10 Fundraising Tips for your Charity!!

1.    Devise an exciting and innovative Fundraising Campaign, which taps in to people’s emotions and motivations and tugs at their heart strings. Remember that people give to people, so if for example you are raising funds to build a new hospital wing, make your campaign about the amount of patients you’ll be able to help, not the bricks and mortar

2.    Clearly articulate what you are raising funds for, what your target is and what the funds will allow your organisation to do

3.    Have all your staff compile a list of who they can promote the Fundraising Campaign to - you’ll be surprised the networks your own staff have and Social Media provides a great platform for spreading the word

4.    Kick off your fundraising efforts by making a personal donation to your campaign and challenge your colleagues to match your donation!

5.    Devise a strategy to “spread the word”. This can include identifying which potential donors you will reach by which particular medium i.e. Social Media, eDM campaigns, direct mail, telemarketing. Understand which medium your current supporters prefer and reach out to them that way

6.    Contact media agencies and see if they can promote the Fundraising Campaign for you. Local newspapers are always looking for local, good news stories and it won’t cost you a cent, just pick up the phone and ask!

7.    As with any successful Fundraising Campaign, Marketing is crucial. Have all your staff and current supporters utilise their professional and personal online networks to promote participation and encourage donations via platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

8.    Set up an online Fundraising Campaign page on your website and drive traffic from all your activities to this one focal point. Always seek to obtain a donor’s email address and phone number and seek permission to use for future Fundraising Campaigns

9.    Telemarket your current supporters. This is a fantastic personal way of engaging with your supporters and allows you to build relationships and explain in detail the great work your organisation does. In the right situation, you can also ask if they know someone who would also be keen to support your cause

10.  Thank everyone who has supported your campaign and provide them with regular updates on your fundraising progress and what you did with their donation. This will encourage repeat donations and engender goodwill.


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