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What's included in the Masterclass?
Three of our most popular volunteering management webinars (worth $40 each) packaged as an all-in-one lesson to ensure you're equip with everything you need to know.

Making the Case for Volunteer Involvement: How to Calculate Return on Investment
Presented in 2016 by Tobi Johnson 

Negotiating Relationships with and among Volunteers 
Presented in 2016 by Susan J. Ellis

International Trends in Volunteering 
Presented in 2016 by Peter Devereux and Tobi Johnson 


$100 for three webinars (save $20)

Instant download of three Post Webinar Packs

Each Post Webinar Pack includes
Webinar books, video/audio recordings, and slide deck 
Plus the Volunteer ROI Calculator created by Tobi Johnson & Associates





If you would like to purchase any of these sessions by themselves they are available for purchase for $40 each via the links on the event page.


Volunteers are the driving force behind not-for-profit organisations, so understanding and managing your volunteers is essential to a thriving team. 

This Masterclass will equip you all with an all-in-one resource, resulting in a comprehensive and holistic understanding of how you can effectively manage your volunteers. With this understanding, you will be empowered to advocate for volunteer engagement and retention.

Teaching you how to understand volunteer trends, make the case for volunteers and manage their relationships, this Masterclass will leave you feeling ready to leap over any hurdles from volunteer sceptics within or outside your organisation. 

You can transform your organisation's volunteer culture, but it takes specific know-how. Consisting of three of our most insightful and popular webinars on volunteer management, you'll leave feeling confident in communicating why your volunteers deserve respect and resources from decision-makers in your organisation. 

Who should attend?
These webinars are for those who have a base understanding of volunteer management. It will be useful for both entry level employees with less than five years of appropriate professional experience, as well as management level employees with five-plus years of professional experience.












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