Hi there,

The rumours are true: SmartyGrants Maps has launched!

SmartyGrants Maps will unlock powerful insights about your funding patterns, instantly revealing from where your applications are coming, and to where your money is flowing.

This is a new era for grantmakers in Australia. Since the launch of SmartyGrants in 2009 we’ve worked hard to help you become more efficient grantmakers. Now we want to help you become more effective.

A new tool produced by the Our Community Innovation Lab, SmartyGrants Maps is the first plank of a new suite of grants management intelligence tools that will help you visualise and make sense of your grants data and facilitate better-informed decision-making. Our new dashboard will allow you to:

  • Visualise your grants in the context of a range of geographic boundaries
  • Take a bird’s eye view of your grants across a wide region or zoom in on a particular point with pin-point accuracy
  • Generate insights about over/under-funded regions or areas that are over/under-represented in application stats
  • View heat maps that reveal contextual insights about your data