Have your submitted your nominations for the ZEST Awards yet?

There are 16 categories for nominations so don't miss this opportunity to celebrate the work of your colleague's important contributions to the beautiful communities of Greater Western Sydney!

There are a number of Outstanding Leader awards to celebrate the excellent work of your friends and colleagues:

  • Outstanding Community Leader in a Paid Capacity
  • Outstanding Community Leader in a Volunteer Capacity 
  • Outstanding Youth Leader

Dubbed as the "Unofficial Mayor of Mt Druitt", Taniela Afu won the the Outstanding Youth Leader Award through his admirable work across Bankstown, Mt Druitt and Blackown working with marginalised young people from culturally diverse backgrounds that struggle to manage. 

Taniela's story is just one of may that make up the glorious tapestry that is Greater Western Sydney and your nomination will undoubtedly add to this.

To ensure someone like Taniela's hard work for the communities of Greater Western Sydney is recognised make sure you put in a nomination for the ZEST awards.